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An antidote to the busy work day

An antidote to the busy work day

A long day of work sitting at your desk often results in a stiff neck and sore back and there is no better way to relax than the latest addition to the SWG routine – the 15 minutes quick-fix-yoga.

I was frantically typing a mail when the tall, assertive yoga instructor walked in and asked us to spread out and stand upright in our places. Then began a session of stretching, huffing and self-conscious twisting; I am sure most people in the room were pleasantly surprised and had their flexibility put to question at that point.

What started as a task, an abrupt end to workday has almost become a way of life for us people today. Come 5.45 pm and you see us all stretching our numb joints and practicing those ‘kapalbhatis’ with renewed vigor.

Incorporation of this little exercise has almost transformed the evenings; instead of leaving tired and drained, you sign off leaving fresh and relaxed and it is a whole lot of fun, trust me.